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Writing Mentorships with Anna Myers

Anna Myers is excited to offer a new selection of private one-on-one writer mentoring sessions!  

Choose one of the options below to get started working with Anna on your project! 

 Contact Anna to set up your mentorship.  

Please remember that mentoring doesn’t guarantee getting a literary agent or publication deal. However, it does offer the opportunity to work with a professional and experienced teacher in a very individualized one-on-one way to strengthen your understanding of your craft and of the writing process, to bring new energy and focus to your project, to push yourself as a writer, and to improve upon your finished product!

Year-Long Novel Writing Mentorship

Over the course of your year-long partnership with Anna, she will offer insights, support, tips, critiques, and suggestions to guide the development, planning, and writing of your novel from start to finish.  Whether you are planning to start a new project or have a current work-in-progress or old project you'd like to give some new momentum and direction, Anna will work in a personalized way to provide new ideas, focus, energy, and guidance.

This package includes:
-Two one hour in-person sessions (to take place in Tulsa or via Skype if you are unable to travel to Tulsa).  The first in-person session will take place at the beginning of your mentorship period, and the second about half-way through the process. 
- Two 30 minute phone mentoring sessions per month (24 total) to discuss plot, characters, problems, or anything else pertaining to the development and writing of your novels
-Written critique including line editing and suggestions for up to 300 pages of your novel.  (You may submit up to ten pages at a time for a total of up to 300 pages over the course of the year.)

Fee: $1,200 (may be split into two payments - one due prior to beginning and one due at the six-month mark)

Written Critique and Response

If you have a finished or almost finished novel, let Anna give you an incredibly helpful and indepth critique to allow you to revise and polish your project in the best possible way before you submit it to publishers!

This package includes:
-Written critique and suggestions for up to 200 pages of your novel, submitted all at one time.  Please note this is not a "line edit", but a written critique which will include constructive criticism, suggestions, and things for you to consider as you continue to move forward with your novel.
-One hour-long phone or Skype discussion session with Anna to discuss your critique, revisions, publishing and marketing options, etc.

Fee: $800

Jump Start Planning and Development Skype Session

In this fast-paced one-hour Skype session, Anna will work with you to overcome the hurdles that often stop writers in their tracks before they even get started.  She will give insights and suggestions regarding your plot and character ideas, discuss how to structure your project, share her thoughts on the writing process, and offer her best tips to get you off to a successful start with your new novel, picture book, or other writing project!

Fee:  $100

In-Person Development Session

Anna will meet you in-person (in the Tulsa or OKC areas) for one three hour mentoring session to discuss plot ideas, offer help with structuring and planning your novel, picture book, or other writing project, and give tips, insights, and suggestions that will launch you on your way as you begin your writing.  This session does not include any written critique, but you may bring a short (no more than two page) sample from your novel, picture book, or other writing to the meeting with Anna and she will be happy to discuss it with you andoffer suggestions as part of your session.

Fee: $300

Phone Development Sessions (12 Sessions, 1 Year Package)

Anna will speak with you once a month by phone for a forty-five-minute-long mentoring session to help you get through rough spots, offer help with structuring and planning your novel or other writing project, and give tips, insights, and suggestions into your plotting and characters, and guide you through the writing process over the course of one year.  This package does not include any written critique, but you may read some short samples or excerpts from your current project during each phone session and Annawill respond to those.

Fee: $600

"Anna Myers has helped me immeasurably with my novel."   Catren Lamb, Owasso, Oklahoma

"Anna patiently and expertly guided me through the process of writing my first draft and is now helping me revise my first novel.  It's been a very eye-opening and worthwhile experience."   Shirley Biggers, Memphis, Tennessee

"Anna Myers made me believe I could actually write a novel and led me to see that my work lacked the necessary tension for publication. I am now busy tightening the plot."   Liz Mertz, College Station, Texas

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