Anna Myers
     Author, Speaker, and Writing Instructor

Author and Speaker

Red Dirt Jessie Creative Writing Academy

There are two great forces in the universe.  One is love.   The second is the power of story.  Everything I write focuses on the mingling of these two great forces.  The power of story runs in our veins and through our history, and the job of a writer is to harness that power and use it to open a window into the human soul.  My personal goal for the Red Dirt Jessie Writing Academy  is to help young people understand that this remarkable power lies in each and every one of us - that each of us holds the key to a unique piece of the human story.

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Named for Anna's very first published novel, Red Dirt Jessie Writing Academy is an online creative writing course designed for students ages twelve to eighteen. Guided by published author of nineteen novels for young people and member of the Oklahoma Writer's Hall of Fame, Anna Myers, students enrolled in this program will complete 15 weekly writing exercises while also working with Anna one-on-one to take one major writing project from the planning stages all the way through final revisions.  

In addition, each student will also have the chance to participate in two twenty-minute one-on-one live Skype feedback sessions with Anna per semester. This is a great opportunity for personal interaction and discussion!

Students in the Tulsa area, or those willing to travel, will also be invited to join Anna once a semester for a fun group gathering to meet Anna in person, discuss the craft of writing, and share their writing with other students.

Personal guidance from and interaction with a professional writer with nineteen published novels as well as twenty years of experience as a junior high and high school English teacher.

Open to all students ages twelve to eighteen, including home school students as well as traditional school students who are interested in extra instruction in creative writing.

Flexible scheduling.  Each student works at his or her own pace to complete the 15 exercises and finish the major project.

Tuition Fee:  $150

*Sibling discount:  10% off each additional child (within one family) enrolled after the first.

*We accept EPIC Charter School learning funds!

*Please note that, in order to hold your student's spot, full payment must be made via Paypal within five days of completing the online enrollment form. 

Tuition Fee Includes:

-15 weekly writing exercises posted to the website

-personal guideance from Anna while working on one major writing assignment consisting of pre-writing activities, rough draft submission, critique from Anna, final draft submission, and final critique from Anna

-two twenty minute private Skype sessions per semester

-invitation to the group gathering with Anna in Tulsa, Oklahoma

-suggested reading list for students, parent tips, and lots of other extras!


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