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Reply RichardDerve
4:59 AM on October 24, 2019 
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?о???ановление деби?а ?кважин? : ??и??ка емко??ного обо??довани?
Reply Cindypieft
11:30 AM on October 16, 2019 
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Reply NormanLak
1:31 AM on October 12, 2019 
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Reply mbqdqp
7:47 AM on September 25, 2019 
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Reply StevHoig
5:05 AM on August 29, 2019 
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Reply henry nguyen
11:11 PM on February 13, 2018 
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Reply henry nguyen
12:20 PM on February 13, 2018 
Dear Anna my name is Henry. I am doing an author study project on you. I will or have read three of your books. The three books choose to read were, Wart, The Keeping Room, and Spy. I'm surprised about the fact that you written and published 19 books. Also I am so happy that you won 4 medals. I hope you publish more books. Also I am glad that you are my author. want to thank you for making all these great books for people to read. I hope you have a great life. If you are reading this I hope you write back.
Reply David Sloan
8:38 AM on January 30, 2018 
Hope this poem makes your day a little brighter.

Silent Whispers

She walks in the glow of her own beauty, letting the
wind mingle with the long golden strands of her hair.
So graceful are her steps, that the leaves on the ground
remain silent as she passes over them. The birds fly
from one branch to another while gently singing to her.
As their song passionately reaches her ears, she turns
towards them and smiles. The first rays of the morning
sun filtering through the trees, sparkle in the dampness
of the morning dew. Along the path where she walks,
flowers of all shapes and sizes strain against the confines
of the ground, just for a glimpse of one, more beautiful
than themselves. Her delicate form slipping quietly through
the forest, was more than poetry in motion, just simply
breathtaking was the only way to describe it. The only
sounds to be heard, were the silent whispers of the birds
singing as she slowly disappeared.

David' 89
Reply FBI
3:20 PM on January 22, 2018 
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Reply Jackiepip
6:55 AM on July 29, 2017 
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